Hi everybody,

I just wanted to provide an update on COVID protocols for our church.

This week, Governor Baker introduced three new orders. None of them change how we meet for church worship & functions.

We will continue to worship indoors as we did this last Sunday. It was so good to be together! Thanks for your faith, zeal, and patience in making Sunday worship a priority and a blessing. We are also glad we have the gift of live streaming for those who cannot make it for health or other pressing reasons.

In case you are wondering, we are operating under the requirements from the Phase III standards summarized below.

  1. We need to wear face masks while indoors (except for children 5 & under and those with medical conditions that prohibit face masks).
  2. We are limited to 50% of our building capacity (100 upstairs, 65 downstairs)
  3. We must keep households/individuals 6 ft apart when seated.
  4. We can’t have food together.
  5. We can have small groups of up to 25 people.
  6. Childcare has to follow stringent protocols (we are unable to offer child care given this.)
  7. We must clean & disinfect contact surfaces after each use of the building.
  8. We must report any COVID cases that attended church.

If you want to review the latest orders, here are the links: 1) Order Requiring Early Closings. 2) Revised Order for Face Masks, 3) Revised Order for Gatherings. Here is the link to the protocols for churches: Places of Worship Safety Standards.

Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

May God greatly bless our worship gatherings!

Pastor Paul