1. Supremacy of God in all things

  • We believe all things are from Him, through Him, to Him. He is our joy and life is for His glory.
  • We believe He is infinitely worthy and good and greater and more satisfying than any and all things that exist.
  • We believe God is relevant to all things.
  • We affirm God and His glory is the chief end to all other means. He is our ultimate and total goal.

2. Gospel Centered Living

  • We understand Jesus Christ, his person and work of fulfilling all righteousness, his substitutionary death, his victorious resurrection and his current and future reign as the central point of the bible and of all history.
  • We believe the gospel is to function for our justification, our sanctification our life and mission together.
  • We pursue Christ and His good news as our paradigm and power for all things.
  • We affirm Christ and His work as the greatest and most complete revelation of the person and worth of God.
  • We affirm that it is in and through and because of the Gospel that God is most glorified and we are most satisfied in Him.

3. The Ministry of The Holy Spirit

  • We assert God the Holy Spirit is our life giver, the illuminator of scripture, the one who empowers us for all of the Christian life.
  • We fellowship with Him, pursue His ministry and rely on Him as a person in all areas of life.
  • We affirm and pursue the broad work of the Holy Spirit as depicted in the whole of the Old & New Testament.
  • We affirm a continuationist view of the gifts of the Spirit, understanding that the New Testament speaks of the cessation of the gifts at the time of Christ’s return and not beforehand.
  • We believe that all the gifts are from God for the edification of the church, the fulfillment of the mission of God and the glorification of our triune God and as such should be eagerly pursued.

4. The Sufficiency, Authority & Functional Prominence of Scripture.

  • We declare the bible as the infallible, inerrant, very words of God.
  • We affirm the absolute necessity of a biblical view of God, a biblical view of man, a biblical view of grace, a biblical view of the gospel and, therefore, a biblical view of life.
  • We understand it to be sufficient for all of life and godliness and authoritative and normative for the Christian life.
  • We affirm it as a means of salvation, justification, sanctification, life, leadership and all areas of life.
  • We pursue its use for all areas of our lives and desire to so employ it as to see God’s word function prominently in all aspects of personal and church life.

5. Local Church Life

  • We affirm that relationships in the context of the truth are essential to the Christian life.
  • We affirm mutual interconnectedness and interdependence of the diverse members of a local body of believers under the authority of qualified biblical leadership as normative for a Christian and a Christian church.
  • We deny that the life of the church is found in meetings, programs and performances but in vital relationships under the authority of biblical truth.
  • We believe this is the context in which and through which God puts His glory on display.
  • We believe that the leadership team equips & leads, ministers minister – that every member is a minister.
  • We believe genuine relationships are to be enjoyed while pursuing gospel centered living and fulfilling the broad cultural mandate within the whole of creation.
  • We deny an isolated or narrow view of life and relationships that limits godliness to a narrow set of behaviors, relationships or contexts.

6. Sovereign Grace

  • We believe in the Joy of Sovereign Grace. God’s plan to accomplish all His desires in and through His Son is perfect, unstoppable, flawless and awe inspiring.
  • We rejoice with Him and the hosts of heaven in His undeserved sovereign grace displayed in redeeming unworthy lost sinners like us.
  • We rest in God’s unfathomable wisdom and infinite glory in ordaining every aspect of history for his sovereign and worthy purposes. We trust him for what we don’t understand knowing the wisdom of his choices will be shown in time.
  • We celebrate the historic sola’s of the reformation: Sola Scriptura, Sola Christus, Sola Gratia, Sola Fide, Soli Deo Gloria (Scripture Alone, Christ Alone, Grace Alone, Faith Alone for God’s Glory Alone.)
  • We agree that humbly believing and pursuing these truths will produce a vibrant New Testament church by God’s grace.

7. Mission Focused Living

  • We pursue a lifestyle of living to demonstrate and declare the glory of God in Christ to all people because this is a fundamental aspect of God’s nature, plan and purpose.
  • We affirm that a right approach to mission springs from a gospel-motivated grace-empowered joy-filled engagement with our neighbors and the culture.
  • We believe the preeminent goal in our outreach is for people to encounter the life-giving truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ, his substitutional atonement and life-giving resurrection for the purpose of reconciliation with God, the forgiveness of sins and life under His Kingly rule.
  • We pursue a multi-faceted, relationship based, church-wide ministry of outreach to the spiritual and physical needs of our communities.
  • We pursue a church-wide culture of mission with the equippers equipping, the ministers ministering.
  • We believe in a deep and broad cultural engagement.
  • We pursue a love for and involvement with our communities, not isolation from nor abandonment of the culture.
  • We exist to be a church-planting church.

8. Part of a Family of Churches, Trinity Fellowship Churches

  • We affirm the self-regulating responsibilities of the local church under the Headship of Christ and the authority of scripture while recognizing our inseparable relationship with the broader body of Christ, and in particular, Trinity Fellowship Churches.
  • We recognize our need for church interdependency, vital connectivity, cooperative elderships and apostolic leadership, counsel and care.
  • We pursue significant voluntary relationship with this family of churches and their leaders, tied together by doctrine and genuine relationship, defined by our Book of Church Order and our Confession of Faith, under the care and oversight of its elders.
  • We embrace the privilege of participating in the extra-local mission of Trinity Fellowship Churches and the mutual benefit that comes from vibrant membership in this family of churches.

Our Vision

  • A church built on Christ where folks are most excited about one thing – the good news of Jesus Christ – Him crucified, risen, reigning and returning.
  • A church for God where the heartfelt worship and enjoyment of God pervades every aspect of who we are and what we do.
  • A church family where members from diverse backgrounds feel welcome, included, loved and connected to each other and to a vital, growing relationship with Christ.
  • A church body that reflects Christ in all contexts of life, in marriages, families, friendships, at work, school, in the community and in the culture.
  • A church for the future where our children are growing up with a genuine passion for God, his church and his kingdom purposes in the world.
  • A church on a mission that is reaching thousands in the greater Merrimack Valley and significantly interacting with our culture for Christ and His kingdom.
  • A church for the great commission that is joyfully sending out and supporting numerous church plants throughout New England and beyond.