Outreach & Evangelism

  • Our church ministries are aimed at developing gospel-centered disciples who live as Christian citizens making a positive impact where they live and work.
  • We have regular outreach activities such as quarterly church-wide fun events, community service projects, prayer outreaches, free car washes, soda giveaways, community picnics etc.
  • We have an annual Vacation Bible School. Check out this year’s VBS.
  • We endeavor to provide a place where interested parties can investigate the claims of Christ in a relaxed environment.
  • Our Sunday meetings are geared so visitors will feel welcomed, accepted and directed to God’s grace.
  • We partner with Sovereign Grace Churches in planting churches throughout the United States and Overseas.
  • We support Covenant Mercies in their work with orphans and the poor.
  • As far as we are able, we seek to promote and support gospel-centered missions and outreach efforts domestically and overseas.