Youth Group

The youth are in a very formative period of their lives. During the impressionable pre-teenage and teenage years, youth group offers a context where the youth can develop healthy, Christ-centered, peer relationships and learn to relate to other adults and authority figures beside their parents.

We believe that parents have the primary responsibility for raising up the youth in Biblical truths and practice (Dt. 6; Eph. 6:4). For this reason, we seek to support and encourage the parents and strengthen their relationships to the youth.
At the same time, we also seek to build the youth into the church in order to guide their transition from being primarily dependent children to becoming interdependent, adult members of the church. We hope to equip and encourage them to use their gifts as vital members of the Body of Christ.

To this end, youth group meets every other Friday from 7PM-9PM in the Judson Room at church. Every youth group begins with fun games and snacks, followed by musical worship and an engaging lesson that applies the gospel and promotes Christian maturity. The youth group also participates in various outreach and service activities throughout the year.

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